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BIO & PICS PAGE - Here's some of my history for you

My oldest memory of the steel guitar was about 100 years ago, I saw Slim Pickins playing a Denly at The Red Cow in Hammersmith, a pub that I am sure has been long since demolished. I said "Hey mate, where did you get that weird looking plank from?" Slim directed me to the late great Gordon Huntley.

Scotty and Anne

Gordon - Gone, not forgotten

The last time I saw Scotty was when I dropped him off in Piccadilly on what I think was his first trip to London, when he came over with Lloyd Green.

Gordon - in earlier days

Gordon and I became firm friends and in between his numerous tours and sessions, he taught me all the bum notes that I`m capable of playing today! (plus one or two that get me by).

Me in a serious moment

Cuddling Loretta Lynn

Anyway, at the time Gordon was playing with a band called George Brown and The Alabama Hayriders, a band that I very much admired and really wanted to be a part of. As it happened I got my wish because of all Gordons commitments, he was finding it harder and harder to fit the band in.

Posing outside Cesars Palace

Our name in lights

I knew I could never "fill those shoes" but I had a hell of a lot of fun trying.
What do ya think of the suits? - They cost a fortune!!

Posing inside Cesars Palace

On stage

From there I moved on to my own band "Wildwood" and had the good fortune to work with a Mr. Kit Morgan, in my opinion one of the best guitar players in the world. Did some recording in between with Jeannie Sinclair and Stateside plus numerous Jed Ford concerts and festivals, working with artists like Dave Dudley, Stonewall Jackson, Ferlin Husky and Bobby Bare.

Wildwood - from our first EP

Howdy pardner

I then went off to the States and Canada and played with all kinds of bands from Nashville to Vancouver. This was when I nearly ended up as resident steelplayer at The Quinsom Hotel Campbell River BC, working with bands like Island Drive, the JD. Henry Band and Glyn Gillis and the Alley Cats.

Canadians that should be locked up

Glyn Gillis - camping it up in Canada

I have had the good fortune to work with so many excellent bands - such as Chapperal, Nichols and Dimes, Kentucky Gold, Pinkertons Colours and Jon Derricks Country Fever to name just a few.

Me with Buddy Emmons

Playing open air at Letchworth

Anyway, having worn my picks out, right up to the knuckle I thought my playing days were over, so I packed up (for seven years) and started a new family.

Rebecca Ann

Rebecca Ann, who is the light of my life was 7 years old in 2005, her birthday is 5th. of January
Happy Birthday babe, Daddy loves you!!

Started back about Feb 2003 doing a few dep jobs for my good friend Micky Byrne pictured below.

Check him out on my LINKS page, what a great player!!

Me? I`m still pickin and grinnin'! !